“After spending a year changing my eating habits and getting introduced to the fitness world, I was able to transform my physical appearance and had hit my weight loss goal but was left wondering… what next? I worried that without […]

Crushing it!

My first time visiting Champion Fitness I was extremely nervous about what I was getting myself into. I entered the gym, looked around, and thought, “I’ve done a workout DVD program I should be able to do this….” About 10 minutes […]


Two years ago I was going through a “fitness funk.” I wanted a change, a challenge, but really didn’t know what I was searching for. I had seen some advertisements for Spartan Race and thought that running through mud, climbing […]

Go Inward

Too often we look for things to distract us in life. Television…celebrity gossip…drinking…anything to avoid looking within ourselves.  Exercise isn’t any different.  Go inside any big gym and you’ll see countless people mindlessly pedaling away on a recumbent bike or […]

Getting Fit with Sandbag Training

Even though sandbag training isn’t necessarily a new concept, it hasn’t been until recent years that it has become more consistently used with fitness professionals and athletes. Sandbags can mimic most exercises performed with dumbbells, barbells and medicine balls, but […]

What is fit?

Over the years countless people have said to me that they want to “get fit.”  But what is “fit?” For “Gym Guy” this may be defined as being able to bench press a convenient store.  For the 50 year old […]

Speed Kills…Fat that is!

I must admit…this weather has me fired up!  As absurd as seventy degrees in early March may sound, I’m certainly not going to complain and I’m sure as hell going to take full advantage of it…particularly when it comes to […]

Rope Climbing Technique

Whether you are participating in the Spartan Race or just simply want to know how to climb a rope as efficient as possible…we cover a simple “break and squat” technique that will get you to the top much easier than […]

Roll Your Way into Injury Prevention

Many recreational athletes, particularly runners, experience bouts of muscle soreness and, in some circumstances, overuse injuries. These injuries may include, knee pain, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis, to name a few. These overuse injuries are usually a result of the […]

Plank/Lateral Jump Combo

Here is a fun one to add into the mix. Essentially you’re getting a combination of core, strength, power, and cardiovascular endurance with this partner drill! Here’s the basic set up: One person is in a plank position while the […]

Snow Day Workout

Now grant it…I’m from Utah and today’s snow conditions are pretty elementary from my experience. So with that being said, this workout will still require some equipment and actually making it to the gym for most of you. The theme […]

Minestrone Soup

I was fortunate enough to receive the official cookbook of Thug Kitchen from a friend of mine a few weeks ago. For those of you who aren’t familiar…Thug Kitchen’s philosophy is “Verbally abusing everyone into a healthier diet” or in […]

Got Dumbbells?

Bodybuilding is typically what comes to people’s minds when they think of dumbbell training. Exercises like chest presses, bicep curls and lateral raises using dumbbells are very effective for strength and adding muscle. But in addition, dumbbells can be very […]

Prepping for a Mud Run!

There has been a tremendous wave in popularity of outdoor obstacle course races over the last several years. Races like The Dirty Dash, The Tough Mudder and Spartan Race bring much more challenge and variety than what you would find […]

Rest is Critical for Results

For the weekend warrior, motivation to train with intensity is rarely an issue.  Whether you’re a runner, tri-athlete, prepping for a Tough Mudder, or just a gym rat, you’re willing to give 100% each and every time in order to […]

Fun and Fit!

We started working out at Champion Fitness almost 2 years ago. Prior to Jasonwe thought we could achieve our fitness goals on our own, and felt like we didn’t need to pay someone to tell us how to eat and workout. Turns out we […]


I have grown up living an active lifestyle, whether it be the various sports in high school or city league activities on the weekends.  Being “fit” was something I wanted, but seemed so hard to achieve.  The lack of motivation and […]

Sweet Potato Pot Pie

  Sweet Potato Pot Pie Great vegan recipe!  Polenta on the bottom, curried lentils in the middle, and yams on top.  If you’re preparing this recipe in advance to serve latter, try to stagger the steps enough to let the […]

Marinated Tuna Steak

The wife and I had these the other night and they were absolutely amazing!  My five year old daughter thought we were eating steak.  I have to agree they taste very close to it, but much healthier! Summer is almost […]

Body Weight Strength Training

  BODY WEIGHT STRENGTH TRAINING As the name implies, body weight strength training is a form of strength conditioning focused on building strength solely with the use of body weight exercises.  In terms of strength training we generally think along […]

Why do I burn?

Believe it or not, but there are days that I struggle to do this…where working out is the last thing I want to do. Running on fumes with little sleep the night before…dreading…hating each and every second of the workout.  […]

Metabolic Conditioning

Most people’s primary motivation for working out involves weight loss.  Traditionally, experts suggest doing a minimum of thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise at a moderate intensity three to five times a week in conjunction with resistance training two to three […]

What Supplements Should I Take?

As a trainer I’m constantly asked about what supplements are the best…  particularly for fat loss.  Now I’m always a little leery of products with terms like “shredd”…”thermoboost”…”lipozene”…etc. The reality is that many supplement companies do an effective job at […]

The Iron – by Henry Rollins

Few stories have resonated more with me than “The Iron” by Henry Rollins. Henry Rollins is an American spoken word artist, writer, journalist, comedian, publisher, actor, radio DJ, activist and musician. Not only is the story motivating, but Mr. Rollins […]

TRX Plank to Handstand

This is one of my favorite TRX exercises.  Primarily for it’s challenges to the core and upper body.  Before attempting this exercise there are obviously some things that you need to consider… First is core stability.  As a prerequisite you […]

What is your Vision?

Too many of us go day to day and simply let life “happen to us.”  The reality is we all have the ability to create our lives.  If you want a better relationship, career, physical health/body, etc, you must take […]

Renegade Row

This total body exercise is one of my favorites and has numerous benefits: Increased Shoulder Stability Increased Core Strength Upper Body Strength, specifically in the chest and back Lower Body Stability and Strength Increases Cardiovascular Endurance It’s best to implement […]

Strength Endurance Training

One of my favorite strength training workouts that I use personally and with clients is Strength Endurance Training.  Specifically from NASM, this strength endurance training method is a hybrid form of superset training that promotes increased stabilization endurance, hypertrophy, and strength.  […]

The power of Omega 3

Most of us know the value and benefit of taking a multivitamin.  Today’s food lacks the amount of nutrients our bodies need day in and day out.  Supplementing with a multivitamin can obviously help minimize deficiencies we may have.  And […]

What do you believe?

With 70% of the American population being overweight and/or obese it shouldn’t come as any shock that countless people want to improve their health and maybe shed a few pounds.  Obviously changes need to be made regarding diet and exercise, […]

Training Ropes

Using training ropes in your fitness routine provides a fun and unique type of training stimulus. The exerciser must train with a continuing velocity by using their arms to maintain a wave-like motion throughout the entire length of the rope […]

Kettlebell Towel Swings

The Kettlebell Towel Swing has quickly become one of my favorite  exercises.  Not only is it different from most strength movements, but it really is a fun exercise.  It’s a great total body and core exercise that will help increase […]

No Gym? No Problem!

Let’s face it.  Getting to the gym this time of year is hard.  Kids are out of school, family vacations, business travel, etc.  Besides, when it’s 80 and sunny, the gym may not seem as appealing as it did a […]

Training for Function

Functional training is a training method that has created a lot of buzz over the last decade.  Perhaps you have heard the term at the local gym or read about in a fitness magazine.   While there is no universal definition, […]

Set up a gym at home

There are many advantages to working out at home. One, it’s convenient. Two, there’s no extra commute or having to deal with the crowds at a health club. And best of all, you don’t need to spend a fortune or […]

Got balance

There are numerous reasons to participate in a fitness program. For some of us it may be to lose a few pounds and have more energy, while others may simply want better overall health. As a result, most of us […]