Go Inward

Too often we look for things to distract us in life. Television…celebrity gossip…drinking…anything to avoid looking within ourselves.  Exercise isn’t any different.  Go inside any big gym and you’ll see […]

Got Dumbbells?

Bodybuilding is typically what comes to people’s minds when they think of dumbbell training. Exercises like chest presses, bicep curls and lateral raises using dumbbells are very effective for strength […]

Metabolic Conditioning

Most people’s primary motivation for working out involves weight loss.  Traditionally, experts suggest doing a minimum of thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise at a moderate intensity three to five times […]

Renegade Row

This total body exercise is one of my favorites and has numerous benefits: Increased Shoulder Stability Increased Core Strength Upper Body Strength, specifically in the chest and back Lower Body […]

Training Ropes

Using training ropes in your fitness routine provides a fun and unique type of training stimulus. The exerciser must train with a continuing velocity by using their arms to maintain […]