Awakening the Beast!

Wow…where do I even begin??

This is some tough shit, and has been since day one. I started coming a few years ago, intermittently, with my wife.

This became both my self-care and marriage therapy lol. I am very grateful my wife talked me into attending Champion Fitness.

She encouraged me to go, told me about these “challenges”, which later I found out almost everything is a challenge. I was hesitant, telling myself “but everyone will be doing better than I would be”. I decided to attend and ‘try it out’.  After the first day of circuit training (torture), I could feel my heart beating…everywhere. I think I was sore for a week, minimum. Let’s face it, it hurt to even sit on the toilet or crawl into bed. And anything I dropped, I lost forever since I couldn’t bend down.

After some time, it sunk in, and I finally admitted to myself…I was hooked. The constant soreness, the laughs, the guidance, pushing my mind as much as my body. I mentally and physically feel better each and every day. And it took a lot of hard work and dedication. Jason is wonderful at encouraging you to push past your limits. I have never felt so rewarded and exhausted all in the same hour as I do being here. Jason has made it all worth it; the sweat, the soreness, the stretching and swearing.

There are constant improvements I see and so excited for them. When I started, I was 34% body fat and now I am down to 19%! I am almost half the body fat and a whole new me! And I am not finished yet!

People call me crazy that I am at Champion by 5AM and at one point I thought the same. Now, though it is a struggle to get out of bed, the minute I do I am so grateful as soon as I walk in. I may be crazy but I am among others of the like. And it feels so good. I found a love for Champion, even when I am crawling out.

Jason’s enthusiasm, knowledge, dedication and passion inspire the daily workouts. I am so appreciative of him, his humor and transparency. Jason has shown what it truly means to care for yourself, both physically and mentally. I am constantly exercising my demons, as Jason describes it. Constantly pushing my limits, exceeding my expectations.

Thank you for “the awakening” it is an amazing Graceland of rockstars, cleans, deadlifts, S.H.I.I.T., challenges and so much more.

Melissa Eldredge