Session Descriptions

Interval Strength Training & Core Conditioning:

A strength training session geared towards achieving high levels of endurance and getting absolutely shredded in the process!  Similar to “HIIT” but primarily using strength based exercises that will get your heart pumping and your muscles burning big time!  This workout is great for building strength endurance and has a high metabolic demand which will leave you burning fat long after the workout is over.

Then we will finish the session with 20 minutes of core conditioning to maximize stabilization strength, improve structural integrity throughout the body, and shred those abs!

Cardio Circuit Training:

This workout begins with a progressive warmup before leading into 30 minutes of cardio using a variety of circuits that will get your heart pumping.  Then we’ll finish the session with high intensity cardio intervals that will leave you drenched in sweat and thirsty for more! 

Spartan Strength & Conditioning:

This hybrid form of training is geared to prepare athletes for the strength and cardiovascular demands needed to compete in the Spartan Races.  A mixture of strength exercises, rope climbing, and cardio drills will be used to best simulate the expected obstacles throughout the course.  Specifically, this helps the athlete deal with the physical demands of transitioning from strength to cardio or vice versa. Whether you are participating in the races or not, this session will have you prepared for anything life throws at you and will make you physically tough and mentally bulletproof!

Brute Strength & Core Circuit Training:

This workout will consist of building maximum levels of strength with the use of big lifts like barbell squats, deadlifts, and bench press, done in combination with core circuits to give you shredded abs to go with your superhero strength! 

Camels Back:

One of THE TOUGHEST sessions we offer!  These workouts are running & hiking specific, but will also have of a variety of body weight exercises and sandbag & bucket carries.  If you can survive this workout you can survive anything! 

Trail Running:

A workout session taking advantage of our beautiful trails throughout the boise foothills!  The workout is an open format and for all skill levels.  So whether you are looking to prepare for a running event or just simply want to enjoy the outdoors, this session has something for everyone!

* Locations will vary and will be announced at the beginning of each week