Session Descriptions

Spartan Strength Endurance:

This hybrid form of training is geared to prepare athletes for the strength and endurance demands needed to compete in Spartan Races.  A mixture of spartan strength exercises and cardio drills will be used in three – fifteen minute circuits.  Whether you’re participating in the races or not, this session will prepare you for anything life throws at you and will make you physically and mentally bulletproof!

Core Conditioning & Hip/Glute Strength:

This circuit based session will alternated between core and glute work.  Specifically, the workout is designed to train the stabilizer muscles located around the abdominal region/spine while combining resistance band exercises to strengthen the hip/glutes.  This session will help to improve core strength, stability and quite frankly – firm up the booty!

Total Body – Circuit Training:

This form of circuit training will increase muscular strength for a total body utopia that will chisel your body like a Greek statue!  Specifically, the workout utilizes compound movements like squats, bench press, pull-ups, to name a few.  These exercises will help build true strength and burn massive amounts of calories!  As a cool down, everyone will receive a complimentary mop to cleanup the plethora of sweat left throughout the gym.  Nothing shines like sweat!

HIIT & Cardio Conditioning:

This workout consists of two phases designed to improve all cardiovascular areas specifically needed for peak conditioning.   Phase 1 will include two – 10 minute continuous cardio circuits that will help raise build your aerobic base.  Phase 2 consists of four blocks of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which will help improve speed, explosiveness, and burn any fat that hasn’t been torched already!

 Core Conditioning & Active Flexibility:

This is an active recovery session that will alternated between active flexibility & core accumulators.  But don’t let the description fool you!  The core work will more than challenge you and you’ll definitely feel the “active” component of the flexibility throughout the session.