Session Descriptions

Iron Strength:

As the name indicates, a strength training session all about “The Iron.”  Specifically this workout will utilize a mixture of big lift circuits and strength complexes using barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells.  A wicked combination that will push your limits and level up your strength.  

Henry Rollins said it best: “I used to think that it was my adversary, that I was trying to lift that which does not want to be lifted. I was wrong. When the Iron doesn’t want to come off the mat, it’s the kindest thing it can do for you. If it flew up and went through the ceiling, it wouldn’t teach you anything. That’s the way the Iron talks to you. It tells you that the material you work with is that which you will come to resemble.”   

Cardio Circuit Training & Core Conditioning:

This workout begins with a progressive warmup before leading into 30 minutes of cardio using a variety of circuits that will get the heart pumping!  Then we will finish the session will with 20 minutes of core conditioning to maximize stabilization strength, improve structural integrity throughout the body, and shred those abs!

Strength Endurance Training:

This form of superset training will increase muscular strength, improve balance, core/stabilization endurance, for a total body utopia that will chisel your body like a Greek statue!  Specifically, the workout utilizes compound sets that work the same muscle groups back to back. These workouts are extremely taxing but well worth the rewards.  I guess what I’m trying to say is…you’re welcome! 

Core & Cardio Interval Training:

This workout is a super-setting variety of cardio drills and core exercises in an action packed circuit that will leave you in a puddle of your own sweat before you realize what happened.  “Eight Minute Abs” has nothing on this workout!

Interval Strength Training:

A strength training session geared towards achieving high levels of endurance and getting absolutely shredded in the process!  Similar to “HIIT” but primarily using strength based exercises that will get your heart pumping and your muscles burning big time!  This workout is great for building strength endurance and has a high metabolic demand which will leave you burning fat long after the workout is over.

Hybrid Strength & Conditioning:

A “hybrid” high intensity strength and conditioning workout.  Specifically, the workout consists of circuits that begin with a resisted sprint drill (e.g. parachute, power sled, etc.) immediately followed by 2-3 strength exercises.  Circuits are repeated for three continuous rounds – equalling one block.  This Hybrid workout consists of three blocks total and once you’ve finished this bad boy you won’t know what hit you, yet afterwards you’ll find yourself saying, “Thank you sir may I have another?!” 

Trail Running – Boise Foothills:

A workout session taking advantage of our beautiful trails throughout the boise foothills!  The workout is an open format and for all skill levels.  So whether you are looking to prepare for a running event or just simply want to enjoy the outdoors, this session has something for everyone!

* Locations will vary and will be announced at the beginning of each week