Got Change?

We are creatures of discontent…residing on a perpetual rollercoaster of dissatisfaction.  Dissatisfied with our spouse, dissatisfied with our jobs, our bank accounts, our bodies, etc.  We yearn for change in our present circumstances and situations – wishing that things were different or the way that they used to be.  But in our quest for “something better” more often than not we lack the willingness to truly change the foundation of who we are.  

If you want change, then you have to be willing to change!  The source of all of our discontent and turmoil resides within us.  And our external environment is simply a mirror to the inner turmoil. Once you truly awaken to that reality it will then serve as a lynch pin to a legitimate change in your circumstances and external surroundings.  Everything begins to feel lighter and life flows smoother.  You will notice a shift in the people around you.  You will notice a shift in habits that no longer serve you, and realize they never really did.  For me personally it was alcohol.  If I’m being honest, I probably averaged well over 12 beverages per week, for years.  But after taking an honest look, I realized it was diluting my true self, numbing the pain of what I didn’t want to deal with, and keeping me in servitude to my ego.  Now, I wouldn’t go as far to say I was an alcoholic, but it certainly was diminishing my day to day life.  And once I let go a funny thing happened.  Things got better!  My energy returned, my creativity increased, my workouts improved, and my personal relationships began to take a noticeable shift in a positive direction. 

Rather than fighting upstream it’s much easier to let go and accept all the possible outcomes that may result – both the good and the bad.  But the irony is, once you do this more often than not…things turn out better in the long run – in every capacity.    

So I encourage you to take inventory of your personal habits, whether it’s regarding the gym or just life.  And by taking ownership of your dissatisfaction you just might discover why things are the way they are.  Getting out of your own way is all that is required.  All you have to do is…change.