“When we moved to the area, we decided it was time for us to start becoming healthier and get into better shape (round is a shape, but not the shape we wanted to be!). We tried different gyms and even different personal trainers, but we weren’t finding the motivation and family atmosphere we were looking for. We were fortunate enough to be referred to Jason and Champion Fitness, where we finally found our “gym family”! A few years and several Spartan races later, we’ve learned quite a few valuable lessons from being a member of Champions Fitness’ team:

1) It is absolutely amazing how Jason can turn you into a puddle of sweat and make you feel like you are dying in extremely small spaces.

2) After becoming a puddle of sweat and feeling like you have died, you wonder why you pay to feel this way. You then realize what you have just accomplished and how strong you are getting and it makes it all worth it!

3) The atmosphere at this gym makes you feel like a member of the family. Just like in a typical family, there’s always someone to push you closer to your absolute best and encourage you along the way.

4) Jason is a trainer that really cares and wants you to succeed, especially if you’re willing to put in the work.

We are stronger than we have ever been and have accomplished more than we ever thought we would. We cannot thank Jason enough for everything he has done for us and the accomplishments he’s helped us achieve!”

Derrick & Nikki Roberts