“After spending a year changing my eating habits and getting introduced to the fitness world, I was able to transform my physical appearance and had hit my weight loss goal but was left wondering… what next? I worried that without having a number on the scale to work towards anymore I would put the weight back on and sink back into unhealthy habits like I had in the past. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a Facebook advertisement for an 8-week Spartan training program at Champion Fitness. I thought it would be a perfect challenge, a way to test my new physical limits and to keep myself focused on my health. I only planned to hang out for the 8 weeks, complete the race, and move on. Little did I know, the day I started at Champion Fitness was not the end of my journey but instead the start of an entirely new one. I loved the energy of the gym. The workouts were challenging and always changing, the people were friendly and encouraging, and it was impossible to not feel strong and empowered when there. I completed the 8-week Spartan training program, ran my race, and immediately signed up for a monthly membership. When I started at Champion Fitness, I worried about my ability to fit in because I had convinced myself that I was not an athlete, that I couldn’t run, and that I was overall just not very coordinated. When I realized that Spartan training was going to involve running, I was terrified, I almost backed out. Jason encouraged me to show up and put in the work and the other gym members encouraged me every time I did. I specifically remember Jason texting me after my first outdoor Spartan workout and telling me good job on showing up and working hard and that I WAS an athlete. That really stuck with me and meant everything! For almost 3 years now I have continued to show up and being an athlete has remained a priority for me. I discovered that not only could I run; I could also love it.

Fitness has become a huge part of who I am, and I thank Champion Fitness for helping me fall in love with living an active lifestyle. This gym has helped me to discover my competitive nature, be confident in my abilities, and strive to be my fittest healthiest self every day. “

Amber Nelson