I have grown up living an active lifestyle, whether it be the various sports in high school or city league activities on the weekends.  Being “fit” was something I wanted, but seemed so hard to achieve.  The lack of motivation and knowing “how to begin” was frustrating.  Even though I was active I never felt satisfied with myself.  I felt myself slipping to the “dark side” and had a negative self image that was getting worse.  I got to the point where I wouldn’t look in the mirror.

I have always felt intimidated going to those BIG gyms and attempting to work out on my own.  When I did go to the BIG gyms it consisted of me looking around and mimicking random exercises that people were doing.  When there was no one around to mimic.  I would head over to my “go-to”, the TREADMILL!  After getting burnt out and experiencing A.D.D. on the treadmill, I moved on to any and every other gym/bootcamp that was offering the latest Groupon deal.  The lack of accountability, motivation, professionalism, and sincerity I experienced was exhausting.  I did push myself, but I still didn’t feel like I was getting close to my “fit” goal.

Finally a friend recommended me to Jason.  WOW, what a night and day experience.  Immediately I felt motivation and hope.  Not only did he have years of experience, but he had creative new workouts.  Jason is interested in my fitness goals and holds me accountable.  His main concern isn’t the getting “ripped” aspect of working out, but focusing on your inner self-worth.  The physical appearance that comes with it is an added bonus.  The reason I continue to go to Jason is because there is never a dull moment.  He continually mixes it up and makes working out fun and challenging.

Since I have been training with him, I have pushed trough the “darkside” and have been getting closer to my fitness goals.  I truly have never felt better.  I have a new sense of confidence and I would recommend Jason to anyone!!!

Erica Baldry