Always Late but Worth the Wait!

It all started a year and a half ago.  I was looking for a different workout routine that would challenge me and keep me accountable. My regimen in the past consisted of your typical gym membership, with spotty attendance and half-assed workouts.  Ben and Amber Miller had been telling me about Jason at Champion Fitness Training.  They gave me a free week trial so I figured I would give it a shot.  The first week was tough!  I was so sore!  I worked muscles I didn’t know I had.  That being said, I knew I was being worked harder than had before and oddly enough it was fun.  I never really enjoyed working out it was always something I felt like I had to do.  When I walk into Champion Fitness I know everyone I am working out with.  Everyone is really nice and supportive of each other’s goals.  The random comments, joking around and constant support is what makes it fun and actually want to be there.  I am always impressed that we never do the same workout twice.

Jason is always thinking of new and improved ways to torture us!  Probably the biggest reason that I have continued to work out with Jason is that he keeps me accountable and genuinely cares about my well being.  Earlier this year I experienced an injury.   Instead of telling me to go home and come back when I was better, Jason made modifications for me without skipping a beat leading his regular workout and guiding me though mine.  My case is not unique he makes modifications for each of our individual needs.  Jason is an all-around bad-ass.  Not to mention a great dancer….just ask him.  Bodies by Jason, it just makes sense!

Anna Smith