Fun and Fit!

We started working out at Champion Fitness almost 2 years ago. Prior to Jasonwe thought we could achieve our fitness goals on our own, and felt like we didn’t need to pay someone to tell us how to eat and workout. Turns out we were wrong because our diet and workout habits were not getting the job done. We were hit and miss at the gym (a ton more miss), and were not getting the results we were looking for. Initially we were looking for a quick fix to lose weight, but Jason helped up discover what we really needed was to focus on changing our lifestyle and to make exercise a priority.

Immediately after joining we were not only hooked to the fast pace and energetic atmosphere, we also created awesome friendships with Jason and our fellow workout crew. The workouts at Champion Fitness are exactly what they are cracked up to be, we “have fun and get fit!” The workouts range from TRX training, resistance bands,  to sculpting our guns by kettlebell fist pumps, “I don’t know if you heard us counting but we did over 1,000.” Jason takes the time to adjust workouts to our individual fitness levels, holds us accountable, and makes sure we stay focused while pushing ourselves far enough to achieve the results we are looking for.

Fitness is now a part of our life, and we enjoy being active in and outside of the gym. Working out with Jason at Champion Fitness is now one of the the highlights of our day! We are truly addicted to the fun yet challenging nature of the workouts, and that’s what keeps us coming back for more. We would highly recommend Jason to anyone, but “watch out for our guns they’ll get ya.”

Ben & Amber Miller