Crushing it!

My first time visiting Champion Fitness I was extremely nervous about what I was getting myself into. I entered the gym, looked around, and thought, “I’ve done a workout DVD program I should be able to do this….” About 10 minutes into a crazy cardio circuit workout (which included box jumping and a hitting a tire with a sledge hammer) I wondered what in the world I was doing here and why does Jason hate me?!?! Well, a year and a half later I still think that during most of Jason’s workouts, but after the pain is over I ALWAYS walk out so thankful and even proud of the fact that I just finished one of the hardest workouts ever.

From day one I’ve been hooked! Jason adds a fun ‘twist’ to each workout. I dread when my alarm goes off at 4:37 each morning, but I love the feeling at 6:00 when I’m finished and I know I’ve just worked my mind and body to the max. I am healthier and stronger than I ever imagined being. Jason knows just the right time to push me into going up in weight or faster during cardio training circuits. Champion Fitness is an amazing, fun place to train! Thank you Jason, for kicking my butt each and every workout. Champion Fitness truly is the best!

Andrea Brekke