Sassy and Fit!

In the past 5 years I have gone through more trainers than I can remember.  I was constantly being pushed from one new person to the next and was beyond frustrated with the lack of professionalism and lack of respect as I was very committed to being on time and working my hardest every session.  I became very jaded with gyms and fitness classes in general because of my experience with their turn around and flakiness.

Last January I received a message from Jason saying he got my name from a Erica Baldry and heard I was unhappy with my current trainer. My instant thought was “wow this guy’s forward” and envisioned a meathead on the other end of the computer eating a protein bar (I know, unfair assumption but based on my experiences I think my thought was justified). Against my better judgment and a background check later I decided to give him a try and it only took 2 days for me  to quit the gym I had been at for 3 years.

Jason sat me down that first week to get some insight on what I expected and wanted out of training with him and I had no idea what I wanted, not a clue. I had fallen into a routine of getting up and going to the gym every morning with no goals and no results.  I had a tendency to complain about my body not being where I felt it should be, but I refused to admit I needed to adjust my routine and eating habits.  Throughout the last year I have learned that as soon as I start to become frustrated with myself whether it be my diet or  motivation level I need to have someone to hold me accountable and keep me positive and that is exactly what Jason does.  I’m sure some days (probably most) Jason regrets recruiting me to the “dark side” and join the gym because he’s not only become my trainer but my full time therapist all for the price of one.

In the last year at Champion Fitness my motivation level and confidence has skyrocketed, I look forward to going to the gym every morning.  Jason takes every clients personality and works with it to create the perfect workout and keep things fun and new.   The group workout environment is incredible and everyone is so supportive of each other.  You don’t feel intimidated or judged by anyone, everyone there is working together towards the same goal.  Jason is the most dedicated trainer you could ask for and truly cares about each and every one of his clients (how many trainers do you know that would stand on a ball in the middle of a circle and let his clients pelt him with medicine balls?).   I highly recommend Jason and Champion fitness to anyone who wants to succeed in their fitness goals and have fun in the process.

Kaija Capps