Mr. Intensity!

My family and I moved to Boise in July of 2013.  Working out has always been a part of my life.  But joining a gym or working out with others never interested me much…I always had a hard time with the commitment part.  In January of 2014 my wife said she say a gym nearby our house.  Initially I wasn’t interested and wanted no part, but deep down I knew I wanted to and was only hesitant because I didn’t know what to expect.  In fact, I knew I needed it…I had a drinking problem and was overweight.  So, by a leap of faith I decided to quit drinking for thirty days and then I would give it a shot.

I hated it at first, but as I got through the first week and stuck with it I was quickly hooked.  I have never felt better than I have in twenty years!  Jason gave me the self-confidence and a drive for reaching my goals.  In fact, I’m already 30 pounds lighter!  Jason is awesome at his craft.  All I have to do is show up and follow the workout.  Great results have come with the commitment, dedication, diet, and having fun with my workout group at 5:00 pm!  I can’t thank everyone’s support at Champion Fitness enough.

Leonard Mechling