Search and Destroy!

When I moved to Boise 5 years ago, onlyknowing one person, I quickly fell into a fitness “rut”. I joined a gym but with no one to work out with or motivate me I rarely went and when I did I’m not sure how much I benefited from it; eventually I stopped going all together. Then a friend, who was a client of Jason’s at Champion Fitness, raved to me about his fun, challenging, and rewarding training techniques. I met with Jason and quickly realized he was unlike any trainer I had been to before. Everyday was something new, challenging me in ways I had never before experienced. I was hooked!! He takes the time to tailor each workout to meet your level yet push you to do just a little bit more than you thought possible.  Three years later and I still look forward to my daily “outlet” as I like to call it. The camaraderie and constant laughter among our group workout almost makes you forget that you are getting your butt kicked, misery loves company! I have more energy throughout the day, got my competitive spirit back, and was motivated to completely transform my diet. I am truly grateful for the experiences I have had in my time training with Jason. He has given me invaluable tools to continue a healthy lifestyle. Anyone looking for a fun fresh perspective to getting in shape look no further than Jason Wanlass at Champion Fitness; no matter your age, ability level or goal he will insure your fitness success.

Elisha Watkins