I’m Gonna Be on that Wall!

I am a mother of three and as much as I love my babies…I don’t love what they have done to my body!  After having the last two close together and gaining way too much weight…I decided to start working out at home.  I convinced my husband that I “needed” an elliptical to go with my P90X and Jillian Michaels DVD’s so I could get skinny ASAP!  But, of course, there was always a reason why I couldn’t work out.  Somehow between feedings, diaper changes, and cleaning up messes I was always too tired and would put it off until tomorrow.  To no avail, that tomorrow never came and days turned into weeks while weeks turned into months and I was nowhere near reaching my goal of getting my pre-baby body back.

Thankfully, after much whining and complaining to a friend about my struggles she convinced me to try group training at Champion Fitness.   The atmosphere, the people, the workouts, and getting out of the house for an hour of me time was exactly what I needed.  The very thought of a DVD workout in my living room or climbing on my elliptical sounded miserable.  The classes are fun, addicting, and challenging.  Jason is an amazing trainer.  He encourages me, pushes me, holds me accountable, and genuinely cares about each of his clients fitness goals and needs.  He has helped me come a long way and I have never felt more strong and healthy!

I so enjoy the Champion fitness crew that I workout with.  We all support and encourage each other through Jason’s hour of wonderful torture each day!  I highly recommend Champion Fitness to anyone and everyone wanting to become the strongest, healthiest, happiest version of themselves.  By the way, if anyone is in the market for an elliptical…I have one for sale!

Theresa Gowans