I could do it!

I have always wanted to get into better shape, and after having 2 kids I thought it was time to make it happen. I tried working out on my own with DVDs but with little success. I needed motivation, push and guidance to achieve my goals. I thought I would “give it a try” with Jason Wanlass at Monster Personal Training. When I say “give it a try” I thought it would be similar to the DVDs. But it was far from it! In my first visit Jason already had me pushing the limits of even what I thought I could do. A goal of mine for years was to run a half marathon and within the first week of training, Jason had me signed up for my first. Yes, I was scared but what motivation! Since March 2010 I have lost 10% body fat and am finishing up my last month of training for not just 1 but 4 half marathons! Needless to say Jason is exactly what I needed to meet my goals. Thanks Jason for helping realize I could do it!

Ylonda Hays