Striving for Perfection!

“My journey with fitness, body image, and nutrition had been a struggle to saythe least.  When I found Jason with Champion Fitness I was in a rut…okay more like a trench.  I had fallen off the wagon – hard.  I tend to be an all or nothing person and let’s just say when I called Jason, I was in a period of “nothing” with tight fitting jeans and an increasing appetite for junk food.  I needed help getting back on track STAT!

Within a few minutes of speaking with Jason about Champion Fitness, I recognized this was different than any other group class or bootcamp I’ve ever done.  From the beginning, it was apparent that Jason cares about his clients.  He provides a level of expertise and care you wouldn’t normally receive in a group setting.  He asked my goals, struggles, likes, dislikes, workout history, and took my measurements.  In addition, Jason holds you accountable (i.e. the dreaded “where were you today?” text).

I quickly became addicted to the program and now it pains me to miss a class.  Kettlebells, TRX, medicine balls, and indoor cycles are all just part of the everyday fun.  However, it was when I saw noticeable changes in my body and increased strength that I was truly hooked on Champion Fitness.  When I pushed through the initial soreness and exhaustion and allowed the exercise to take effect, the results were unstoppable.  Now I am leaner, firmer, stronger, and more confident than ever.  There is something about tackling an intense workout that preps my mind for the rest of the day.

In addition to the results, I’ve come to know and enjoy the group of people that workout alongside me everyday.  There is a certain amount of camaraderie built when you’ve conquered a tough workout together.  It almost feels like a team – a team with one crazy, caring, intense, passionate leader that keeps us on our toes every single day.

Jason’s expertise and passion are evident in his work.  The fitness industry is full of people (trainers and clients alike) solely focused on aesthetics and vanity. Jason breaks the mold.  He’s not caught up in the industry hype of looking “perfect.”  He cares about the overall physical and mental health of his clients.  Although my body fat has declined and I’m stronger than ever, Jason is continually encouraging me to seek happiness beyond body image.  That is what sets him apart and makes Champion Fitness truly elite.”

Shannon Crozier