Kettlebell Towel Swings

The Kettlebell Towel Swing has quickly become one of my favorite  exercises.  Not only is it different from most strength movements, but it really is a fun exercise.  It’s a great total body and core exercise that will help increase upper body strength, shoulder mobility, stability, and  rotational strength and power.  Give this one a try and you will feel muscles you never knew you had the next day.

Here’s the what you’ll need:

one kettlebell between 18-35# depending on your strength.

one long durable towel.

clear space

The Exercise

1.  Thread the towel through the kettlebell handle

2.  In one continuous movement, bring your arms up and swing the kettlebell up to your side, turning your shoulders and torso with the kettlebell.

3.  Keeping your abdominals tight, extend your arms up overhead swinging the kettlebell behind your back.

4.  Bring your arms to the opposite side of your body, continuing to follow with your shoulders and torso.

5.  Continue to follow through with your arms in front of you and repeat in the same direction.

6.  Repeat the movement for 10-15 reps before bringing the kettlebell to a controlled stop.

7.  Repeat steps 1-6 going the opposite direction.