TRX – Single Leg Burpee Pushup Combo

What’s not to love about this exercise?  It comes with numerous benefits and brings a total body challenge to balance, strength, power, and endurance!  This exercise is great for plyometric training,  metabolic conditioning, and/or endurance training.

As a prerequisite you should be able to perform at least 15 suspended lunges with relative ease, do 10 pushups, and be able to hold a plank for a minimum of 1 minute.

Here’s the setup:

  • Convert the TRX into a single handle position
  • Position yourself approximately 3 feet from your overhead anchor point with your back facing the anchor point, placing one foot in the heel cuff.
  • Descend into a burpee and perform a pushup.
  • Quickly hop forward and explosively jump upwards reaching overhead with your arms.
  • Repeat for anywhere between 5-15 reps/side depending on your fitness levels, goals, etc.
  • Enjoy!